About the Company


The idea initiated while surfing through an e-commerce website’s portal on a social website. The ease through which a common man can reach out their most viable options, is what made us evolve this idea. Arctan is all about converting raw ideas into financially practicable products, translating needs to opportunities. We brainstormed, and set across to form a team, a team that will soon transfigure the notion of engineering solutions in Pakistan.

Who We Are?

Engineers, designers, accountants, business and IT developers, but most importantly exceedingly fervent aimers. We are a team of individuals with a vision; a vision to change the meaning of “industrial solutions” in Pakistan.


Message from The Director

“Our people are unique and so are our thoughts. Developing individuals’ thoughts into practical formulations is what we are intend to do at Arctan. We are sharing our part in bridging the very thoughts of you into pragmatic formations. Reach to clients have never been easier with development of our web portal. We highly appreciate your valuable time and are eager to make you part of our family.”


Our Values

"Quality Comes First"

Our team values honesty. We communicate all intricacies to clients, and deliver our promises. Our products speak their standards themselves. We highly pride our work ethics, which is what sets us apart in this industry.


"We Aim for the Top"

Catering to the individuals’ needs and fostering a healthy culture of sustainable growth by providing tailored solutions. Revolutionizing the engineered approach of getting things done by delivering value for money.


"Innovation in the Field of Engineering"

Do you work in the automotive industry and looking up local alternatives for quality spare parts? Or food industry, and require expertise in steel fabrication? Or are you simply students looking for consultancy and services, to transform your design into a robust industrial product? Guess what, we can help you!

Why Work With Us

We are a newly formed corporation. Here’s what you can look forward to when working with us:

  • Ethics and professionalism – Honesty and professional work ethics from highly trained personnels.
  • Attention to detail – Our sales team focuses on your communications, and nurture the scope with collaboration through our technical team.
  • From paper to market approach – your projects with us may start from a simple concept on paper, and will go extensively go through each product development stage keeping you in loop
  • Cutting edge technology – our setup can tackle your most delicate parts’ manufacturing, with our quality control giving you the very peace of mind you deserve
  • Feedback loop – Client’s feedback is our foremost priority, all designs undergo a two-way communication before moving on to prototype stage. Only after incorporating all suggested improvements in prototype is actual product developed

Looking for the Best Engineering Solution for your Project?